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30 November 2014: #01

This week I’ve been:

wondering what it would have been like to board at school. By Vicky Allan’s account in The Sunday Herald it seems no fun at all.

helping organise the East Kilbride branch of the Radical Independence Campaign.

watching the videos of a workshop at the RIC conference where Liam Kane argues that RIC’s campaigning approach could learn from the popular education movement of Latin America.

reading Sandra Smidt’s Introduction to Friere, as a consequence of Kane’s talk.

participating in the SECTT, East of Scotland College Consortium.  I spoke about my experience writing the SCQF accreditation paperwork for the new SVQ in Electrical Installation. I also gave a brief update on my progress towards writing a new Electrical Installation Science course unit.

thinking about how to salvage what should have been a blog post about the SCQF process and ended up being a 3,000 word essay. It wasn’t a good blog post and it wasn’t a good essay either.

catching up with Ally Crockford to discuss possible MPhil work on the research topic of ‘Education in a radically independent Scotland’ (or something like that anyway). We chatted about the research angle and some engagement work.

finding out about how education policy is managed at my local authority level; and

making arrangements to attend my local council’s education committee meetings. I’m picking away at Peter John’s Analyzing Public Policy.

buying the new Scottish daily newspaper, The National. I do still like to read the Education section in The Guardian on a Tuesday, but there’s rarely anything about Scottish education in it. It’s simply that its focus is on the English education system, and at times The Guardian reads like it’s come from a strange place that’s going slightly mad.