This is my blog for reflecting on the theory and practice of my role as a training officer with the Scottish Electrical Charitable Training Trust. I currently work on the SJIB’s Adult Training Scheme at four Scottish FE colleges and a training centre in Aberdeen. I haven’t blogged about my work before but it was reading Sarah Simons recent piece for TESS that really convinced me to have a go.

The name of the blog was inspired by a friend who recently said

I don’t understand your job

It’s a fair enough point, and I’ve encountered it before with other people working outside of the industry training provider community.  I’ve found myself giving such a long-winded description that after forty-five minutes the person who asked looks mind-numbed, or I give such a potted description that I might as well just not have bothered.

Achieving results on a day-to-day basis isn’t the same as understanding the role,


and so I want to use this blog to help me better understand what it is that I do, and by doing so, do it better. In a way I’m pretty confident with my role’s vocabulary but I hope that by using this blog as a tool for reflective practice I will get a better understanding of the role’s syntax.

The areas I’d like the blog to cover are:

  • technology
  • CPD
  • vocational pedagogy
  • the electrical contracting industry in Scotland as a Community of Practice
  • reflective theory and practice

Of course, whether I’ll be able to communicate what my job is to anyone else after that is possibly another matter 😉



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vocational pedagogy in the electrical SVQ apprenticeship

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